Why is Sports Economic Develoment?

Direct visitor spending associated with sports tourism in 2017 was $11.4 billion.1

Direct visitor spending from sports tourism benefits communities through a positive economic impact.

  • Sports tourism drives visitor spending into local economies. 
    • Overnight stays generate lodging revenue.
    • Visitors patronize local restaurants.
    • Visitor shopping generates retail sales.
  • Sports tourism increases lodging and sales tax revenue, benefiting local governments.
    • Communities that collect lodging and rental taxes see increased tax revenue. 
    • Sales tax revenue is increased through visitor spending.
  • Sports tourism increases revenue opportunities to offset slow seasons in tourism economies.
    • Communities that host sports events in their slow seasons benefit from an offset of lost revenue.

Indirectly, sports tourism also benefits communities.

  • Sports tourism can improve Quality of Life for those who live in the area.
    • Hosting quality events increases community engagement.
    • Venues, trails, green spaces, water ways, and other recreation assets that draw tourists also benefit locals.
  • Recreation communities have higher property values.
    • As quality of life improves, increased property values follow in 'recreation communities.'2
  • Recreation communities improve job opportunities.
    • Areas with recreation attract more residents with higher incomes and faster earnings growth than areas without.3
  • Sports tourism promotes and increases exposure for host destinations.
    • Sports events act as marketing platforms, promoting the host destination and creating exposure through myriad media channels.
    • Sports events draw visitors who otherwise may not have considered visiting - and often brings them back again. Of parents traveling for youth sports, almost 60% return to the destination for vacations and 74% recommend the destination to others.4
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