Community Planning

We help communities identify their best outdoor recreation assets and opportunities.

Community Planning

Participation in outdoor recreation was trending up before COVID. Now we see more communities than ever looking for opportunities to capitalize on the outdoor recreation economy.

When destinations discover their potential, they can connect the dots that allow them to bring a shared vision into focus and begin planning future tourism initiatives. We work with communities and organizations in all parts of their process. Some in the very early stages, when they are seeking confirmation of tourism assets. Others further along and wanting to expand their reach into the outdoor recreation space.

Here are some of the ways we can help communities plan.

Analysis & Planning

  • Event Feasibility
  • Asset and Opportunity Assessments
  • Economic Impact Studies
  • Strategic Planning
  • Community and Stakeholder Education and Mentoring
  • Stakeholder, Staff and Volunteer Development
  • Event Recruitment: Sales and Support