Albuquerque - First Stop on my Southwest Road Trip

Albuquerque starting to discuss hosting more endurance sport events in their fantastic open spaces.

Albuquerque was the first stop on my road trip to the southwest, and I was able to drop in and visit my friends at the Albuquerque Sports Commission. 

They were setting up for the Indoor Track National Championships inside the Albuquerque Convention Center so I was able to see that setup.  Quite the show with the banked, indoor running track and the seating for the fans—good stuff!  This is an event that they have held there for many years and brings a good many people into the city. 

They are starting to discuss hosting more endurance sport events in the fantastic open spaces that Albuquerque is blessed with, so we had a great conversation about what we are doing in Colorado Springs with the Pikes Peak APEX.  There was a realization after hosting the Senior Games that outdoor events were a great fit for the area and it was good to be able to sit down and brainstorm some ideas.  Looking forward to getting back to Albuquerque and talking more with the Parks Department and other government agencies!