About Us

Sports Strategies was founded by professionals who recognized a need in the growing markets that are increasingly impacted by sports tourism. Decades of experience in sports events, tourism and economic development marketing empowered our team to see a large gap in both knowledge and resources. For some organizations, this gap prevented participation in the sports tourism market.

Recognizing that solutions had not yet caught up with the needs, our team found a calling. While we realized the importance of focusing on traditional sports events, we wanted our work to go beyond the basics. We wanted to widen the scope of sports and assets that can be leveraged to level the playing field and increase opportunities for sports tourism. Some of our destination clients have multi-million-dollar complexes and healthy marketing budgets, but others have only trails and green spaces, limited lodging and very few marketing resources. We’ve gone about the country spreading our message: use what you have. Not all destinations need multi-court and multi-field complexes to compete. Some simply need to identify and leverage their own unique assets, provide excellent event service and mobilize a can-do tourism team comprised of enthusiastic staff and stakeholders. As we help clients discover and leverage their resources, we come closer to fulfilling our mission of leveling the playing field.

We have expanded our event development offerings to continue helping clients of all sizes participate in sports tourism. Our event development and operation services enable communities, causes and other event owners to develop and produce winning events with fewer resources than most believed possible.

We continue to believe that there are opportunities for organizations of all sizes, and it is our mission to help these organizations identify, leverage and market assets that will best position them to compete for sports tourism market share.