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Micah Rice was interviewed by Cyclocross Radio, part of the Wide Angle Podium network. The wide ranging conversation that covers the 2013 Cyclocross World Championships, a slew of CXNATS memories, and some really good advice and strategies for race organizers. Listen here:

After COVID-19 devastated small businesses and organizations related to the cycling community, Sports Strategies, Micah Rice was interviewed by Hearst Media's Bicycling for the March 25, 2020 article titled How You Can Support Bike Shops, Event Organizers, and Cycling Non-Profits. Read here.

To promote our Pikes Peak APEX project, Micah Rice joins Torie Giffin for her latest Pedal the Springs podcast. She hosts Micah, along with Cory Sutela, Executive Director of Medicine Wheel Trail Advocates and Sarah Rawley, Brand Content Specialist for RockShox to discuss the upcoming Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox. Listen here:

Excellent news for our Pikes Peak APEX project. Bicycling, a Hearst Media publication, named the Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox as one of the 'Mountain Bike Races You Should Seriously Consider Entering in 2020.' Read here.

In February 2020, the Upson Beacon reported: Upson County commissioners voted unanimously last week to approve an economic impact study at Sprewell Bluff Park to determine pros and cons of proposed improvements made available through a Georgia Outdoor Sponsorship Program grant. Read here.

Colorado Springs Gazette wrote: A large-scale mountain bike race in Colorado Springs slated for 2020 has a set of proposed courses designed to entice resident aficionados and unaware visitors alike. While awaiting approval from the U.S. Forest Service and other land managers, the Pikes Peak Apex’s executive director, Micah Rice, has unveiled concepts for the four-day event set for Sept 24-27. Read here.

Thanks to OutThere Colorado for covering our announcement and press conference for the Pikes Peak APEX.Tuesday morning at USA Cycling headquarters, before announcing “the largest mountain bike race Colorado Springs has ever seen,” Micah Rice was roaming the room, at one point stopping to shake hands with a stranger. Read here.

KRDO 13, Colorado Springs ABC affiliate, covered our Pikes Peak APEX press conference. Colorado Springs will soon be host to a new multi-day mountain biking competition held on the slopes of Pikes Peak. See the video and read here.

Much appreciation to Sports Travel for attending the Pikes Peak APEX press conference and covering our announcement. Organizers have announced a new mountain bike event, the Pikes Peak APEX presented by RockShox, to be staged along the famed mountain in Colorado Springs, Colorado, in September 2020. Read here.

Colorado Springs Gazette announces: Pikes Peak Apex could be mountain bike event Colorado Springs has long desired. Mountain bike races have been long tried in the Springs. [Micah] Rice knows, having overseen some as a former organizer for the sport’s governing body. Many will recall the regular Wednesday night challenges put on by local eccentric Andy Bohlmann, who counts himself responsible for 100-plus events in the region going back to 1992.The Apex will be different. “A super way to showcase our community,” Bohlmann said. “I’m thrilled. Absolutely thrilled. Micah will do a dynamite job.” Read here.

OutThere Colorado introduces the Pikes Peak APEX as a ‘World-class’ mountain bike race in the works for Colorado Springs. An unprecedented mountain bike race for Colorado Springs is being planned for September 2020. A media advisory sent Monday by Visit Colorado Springs said the four-day event will be held on the slopes of Pikes Peak, “utilizing dirt roads, four-wheel paths and mountain bike singletrack in the Rocky Mountain backcountry.”The race is to be “world-class,” the advisory said, “offering a supported mountain bike adventure and a $50,000 prize purse” — an impressive sum for established events, let alone one in its first year. Read here.

North Platte Telegraph covered Randy DuTeau's speaking engagement at the 2019 Nebraska Tourism Conference, writing Sports tourism strong even in recessions, speaker at Nebraska Tourism Conference. Read here.

Jagwire writes about Own the Woods:Trail festival to benefit Augusta Multiple Sclerosis Center at Augusta University. Read here.

The Augusta Chronicle writes of Own the Woods: Evans trail competition to benefit multiple sclerosis center. Read here.

The McDuffie Progress reports on CVB's decision to work with Sports Strategies (formerly Due North Sports Partners). Read here.

The Clayton Tribune reports: Rabun could see sports tourism in 2019. Read here.