Athens Convention & Visitors Bureau

We contracted with Randy DuTeau and Sports Strategies for a community assessment of our sports tourism market, which has yielded positive results.

Randy was always very accessible, responsive, and easy to work with in general. Once he surveyed CVB staff (the CVB handles the sports tourism market for Athens) and partners/stakeholders in our city, he provided a complete report that told of our capabilities or potential in this market and suggested groups that we could target. He came to Athens to help us with our presentation of the results to our local community. 

Even after the work was completed, he has continued to be involved with us and guide us. An example was when he came to Athens to help us form an advisory committee with people who had been targeted to serve on this committee, which was one of the recommendations of the report. Randy is a pleasure with whom to work, and we are glad to have contracted with him and his company, which has allowed us to make strides in this important market. 

In comparing sports bookings in our present fiscal year to last fiscal year, with only eight months in, we’re already seven percent ahead of last fiscal year’s bookings. There are a number of groups that we expect to covert to definite pieces of businesses by the end of this fiscal year, so this number should go up dramatically.  Better engagement / alignment with UGA Athletics has been one of the more positive action items to come out of his assessment, and an impressive number of groups that we expect to book are a result of this relationship with UGA.

Chuck Jones, LEC

VP of Sales, Marketing, and Outreach

Classic Center Cultural Foundation