Sports Strategies helps event owners maximize success.

Whether working with rights holders to increase attendance and participation, or creating new events, our team knows understands events offer valuable opportunities to build exposure and revenue for sports organizations, event sponsors and host destinations. Well-executed events have a lasting impact that generates ongoing economic returns for participating organizations and stakeholders. With decades of experience organizing and managing events, Sports Strategies lends critical insight and unique knowledge to execute winning events.   

Phase 1: Event Assessment

Our team begins the process by examining all aspects of the event. A review of the history, if available, will be compared to future goals and objectives.  Seeking out every piece of available information, the team will complete an assessment to begin the detailed planning process.   

Phase 2: Event Planning & Organization

From budget, to marketing and promotions, our team assists with development of the Local Organizing Committee (LOC) and works with coordinators to create an event timeline, volunteer roster and assets inventory list.

Phase 3: Venue Site Tour

The next step in the process will be a tour of the proposed venue(s). If it is a competition, we will need to understand what the sanctioning requirements are for the field-of-play. Also important to understand will be every aspect of the “venue vision:” where are vendors set-up, where is parking; where do volunteers park and check-in, etc.? A complete understanding all of venue needs and requirements will allow our team to better assist with site diagrams and logistics planning.

Phase 4: Sponsorship & Marketing

Financing the event and ensuring people show up for it are the two biggest concerns of any event promoter. We assist with development of sponsorship packages that generate much-needed event funding and also ensure a greater promotions platform. Also an important element, our team understands how to execute that works event marketing We can also help develop social media platforms that will generate more event awareness while maintaining the event’s bottom line.